• Adrian Peterson Rolfing I started to see Wayne and Sandy for Rolfing [sessions] in 2008, which was my second year playing with the Minnesota Vikings. I did not know what to expect, but I wanted to get my body open and loose so I could function better. I had heard how Rolfing [SI] helped with minor injuries, so I tried it. I soon found that of the many different angles out there such as stretching and deep-tissue work, Rolfing [SI] is the best for getting my body rejuvenated.

    What I thought were ankle sprains and pulled muscles such as groin and hamstrings, were instead just resolved immediately in my Rolfing sessions. These injuries were not as the trainers said... instead I felt like brand new as Rolfing [SI] has resolved [them]. On a game-by-game basis, by getting back my flexibility in my hips, I always feel much better.

    Rolfing [SI] has become a confidence builder as it keeps my body durable during the season. It has played a big role in my recovery time and making it through the season. I have learned how my muscles connect, as I could never have imagined. I have learned how to access my core muscles better as Wayne and Sandy have pointed out these things to me in the sessions.

    At the end of the 2011 season I took a hit that tore the anterior and medial cruciate ligaments in my left knee. Rolfing [SI] played a big role in my recovery. It helped my left knee strengthen and my right leg become less dominant. It played a tremendous role in getting back my flexibility and strength in my left leg.

    I credit Rolfing [SI] with helping me to recover for the 2012 season. several games into the 2012 season, Wayne and Sandy were able to resolve the sprain in my ankle that was slowing me down. I went from 90% to 100%: an extra kick burst of speed. I was on my to a 2097-yard comeback season. With four games left in the season, I suffered a sports hernia injury that would not let my left groin fully recover. Rolfing [SI] helped me to maintain my body at 90% , and I had a good finish t the season. I got a sports hernia surgery after the season.

    I had a Rolfing [SI] session with Wayne and Sandy last season but again suffered the same injury at the end of the season. I continued to work with Wayne and Sandy to recover for next season.

    Adrian Peterson New Orleans Saints Running Back
  • Randy Moss I started seeing Wayne (Henningsgaard) for Rolfing Structural Integration in 1999. Some of the guys on the team were seeing him and they said if I tried Rolfing I would feel better and it would help my career, so I went to see Wayne. I usually receive Rolfing early in the week, after the Sunday game when I’m feeling bruised and sore. I use it for weekly maintenance to release some of the pain I’ve experienced. It helps improve the healing process and gets me back to feeling better. With Rolfing, the pain I feel earlier in the week, I don’t feel later in the week. It relaxes me. It helps my whole body and that makes a difference in bringing my body back quicker. If you are feeling bad before the session, you’ll leave feeling better.

    Randy Moss Former Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver
  • John Bauer I first became acquainted with the practice of Rolfing Structural Integration 3 1/2 years ago as I needed a solution to nagging knee injuries. A previous Olympian, I was almost a total psychological wreck, having recently missed the 1994 Olympic cross country ski tea due to illness. I soon discovered through the curing help of Rolfing that the body is a complicated whole, and was introduced to another aspect of my body than any of the countless hours of training and competitive situations ever had. The body, I soon discovered , responds synergistically on a mind/body whole. Throughout my initial ten session Structural (re) Integration my body became more in tune with itself, even as an already high-caliber athlete, and each single session left on an explosive high. I had never felt so emotionally changed or rejuvenated. What was also exciting was the visible changes to my body: I saw "straighter" legs, felt better posture, and noticed the fatigue look disappear from my face. I have been "Rolfed" perhaps twenty times throughout my athletic career, helping me to stay fit and energized. rolfing has had a dramatic and long-lasting effect on my life.

    John Bauer 1992 Olympian (Albertville, France), eight time National Champion, four time World Championship Team member
  • Qadry Ismail When I was with the [New Orleans] Saints I injured my hamstring. I went to Wayne during this time and he fixed me with only three hours of work. I know without him working on me I wouldn't have made the football team. He saved my career!

    Later....I came to Rolfing because of a hip and lower back injury that was not allowing me to cut and make turns with speed or precision. Rolfing not only gave me back and increased my speed and precision in running and cutting, but released and relieved my old football injuries as well. At the end of the football season, rather than needing three weeks of bed rest, I felt more energy, vitality and well being than at the beginning. Thanks Rolfing for saving me!

    Qadry Ismail Former Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver
  • Richard J. Leider The Power of Purpose is about living a life of alignment--from the inside out. Rolfing has helped me complete the cycle by aligning my body with my life's purpose.

    Richard J. Leider Founder of the Inventure Groups, author of the best selling Repacking Your Bags and The Power of Purpose books
  • I have been working with Rolfing Structural Integration for over two years. In that time, my body has made really amazing changes for the better. I came out of recent session feeling like my body was not walking, but swimming through the air like a fine swimmer in water. I have greatly increased flexibility, better posture, and use of my lungs: Things just feel they are in the right places, my body responds much better in performance situations, I hold my instrument with greater and comfort. A long scar on my upper arm from a break is soft without scar tissue. My spine feels much more user friendly and in general, people comment on how I seem to be getting more youthful in movement, and I'm much happier my body. Rolfing keeps evolving and helps me to get better an better. I can hardly wait to see where really radiant health can take me with this work.

    Adele Lorraine Professional Musician, Teacher, Scientific Remote Viewer
  • Kevin Williams I come regularly to Rolfing because it keeps me loose.  In this last season (2008) it has helped me with injuries to my  shoulder, knees, groin, neck and with stingers.

    Kevin Williams Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackle
  • Ray Edwards Rolfing keeps me on the field and helps me get paid. My Defensive End position requires speed, endurance, agility and strength. I am a regular at Rolfing to increase my athletic performance. In this last season of 2008 Rolfing has helped me to resolve injuries that have come up for me in my big toe, ankle, knee, low back shoulder and neck.

    Ray Edwards Minnesota Vikings Defensive End
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