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Meet Wayne & Sandy

Wayne and Sandy Henningsgaard are Rolfing specialist in Sun City Arizona. They make up a dynamic team of Rolfers that share a history in education, health, and wellness.

Wayne and Sandy work together on athletes, other Rolfers, and a select few clients who want what is known as a “double session”. The energy of their work together gets two or three times the change that a private session achieves. Wayne brings his strength of accuracy and Sandy brings her strength of insight to this process of astounding change.

Rolfing Spotlight on Vikings Game Day Show

Henningsgaard Rolfing featured on the Minnesota Vikings Game Day Show! Many professional football players and athletes alike are turning to Rolfing to ease pain and get ready for game day.

Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light

The Lucia N°03 provides a deep limbic system relaxation while simultaneously encouraging a unique transcendental journeying experience. Step out of the stress of everyday life and into the present moment of bliss.

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