Hypnagogic Light Machine

Sit or lay under the light.
Close your eyes, and the journey begins.

We now offer sessions with Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light Machine as a complement to Rolfing sessions. This experience assists in integrating the nervous system and unconscious mind into the Rolfing experience, bringing you deeper into your center.

While five to ten sessions are recommended to help rewire the brain’s pathways related to response to stress, even one session is a profound experience that will move you towards a more relaxed, conscious self.

You can choose to experience everything the light machine has to offer all by itself or in addition to your Rolfing session. Since the light machine promotes relaxation and calm, it’s the perfect compliment to your Rolfing visit.

LUCIA N°03 Hypnagogic Light Machine

About the Lucia N°03

The Lucia N°03 experience creates deep relaxation and calm.

While you lay or sit in-front of the machine, white light passes through your closed eyelids. This light passes through your retina into your central brain, creating a completely unique experience of color and design. Music plays creating synesthesia– the experience of seeing music.

Since everyone is unique, the hypnagogic light machine experience will be different for every person. Each time you journey with the light machine, you will have an experience completely different from your last.

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The Lucia N°03 has a calming effect on most people. It’s said to reduced anxiety and stress and give a sense of wholeness even after one visit.


The Lucia N°03 can help you gain a more restful sleep. Even after one session you will be able to drop into a state of deep meditation or rest.


The Lucia N°03 has shown to reduce fear and depression in some people. It can give an increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability.

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